Introducing a new addition to the family is a magical time in anyone’s life. There are much joy and excitement around the imminent arrival of a new baby girl or boy. At Milestones & More Event Planning, we believe this life-altering event should be appreciated at the moment and remembered, always. We specialize in all things baby, from planning your baby shower to assisting with your registry. At Milestones & More Event Planning we will work closely with you from your initial meeting to the day of the event in order to make sure it goes flawlessly. We promise to apply our knowledge and expertise to your baby shower vision. 

Our team will plan each of the important details:

• The party's theme

• Setting a date and time

• Selecting and securing the venue

• Attendee list

• Decorations and flowers

• Event logistics

• Menu planning

• Games, props, and prizes

Contact us today to schedule a baby shower planner with us in Benicia, CA or surrounding areas.



One of the most significant events in anyone’s life is their high school or college graduation. The accomplishment, the friends, the food, and the venue are all a part of what makes this day fantastic. It’s certainly a cause for celebration and we at Milestones & More Event Planning can’t wait to help make it happen. Our event and design team will work closely with you to make the best recommendations and ensure that your graduation celebration is a huge success. Graduation is more than just a dinner and dance, but rather a step forward in life! We commend you and look forward to helping you celebrate your big accomplishment. Contact us today for details on scheduling graduation celebration services in and around Bay Point, CA.